Network Marketing Software’s Digital Evolution: 5 Commerce Trends Direct Sellers Should Embrace


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Network Marketing Software’s Digital Evolution: 5 Commerce Trends Direct Sellers Should Embrace

The landscape of network marketing, also known as direct selling, is undergoing a dramatic shift. While the industry boasts a rich history, it’s no secret that adapting to the dynamic digital landscape poses both opportunities and challenges. But for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, the future isn’t just optimistic, it’s undeniably futuristic. Let’s explore some of the predictions for the industry’s evolution and how innovative network marketing software will revolutionize the industry.

Beyond Predictions: Embracing a Visionary Outlook

Trend 1: Personalization redefined with the help of AI: AI is enabling hyper-personalized shopping experiences by creating consumer journeys based on an individual’s preferences.  For e-commerce purposes, direct sellers can train AI to adapt to consumer behaviors, resulting in more accurate and valuable information.

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Personalization is about tailoring user experiences to what a company has learned about them whether they are a recent sales representative, a new affiliate, or a new consumer.  The global personalization software market is expected to surge to over $5 billion by 2030 up from $943 million in 2022. Creating a strong intimate brand and deep interactions with both the sales force and consumer relationships is a priority in 2024.  The one-size-fits-all messages are becoming relics of the past.

Start implementing personalization with these steps:

  • Consumer and sales force data. Understand purchasing, recruiting, communications, behaviors, and patterns.  Capture first-person data as the key foundational element to getting to know your consumers.
  • Find the right AI tools based on your business budget, size, and model.
  • Dial in relevant value-added suggestions and recommendations that enhance the influence of a consumer’s shopping experience and sales reps’ onboarding and managing their personal business experience.
  • Make it conversational and learn from the results. Start small with simple product recommendations and grow into other business areas. Conversational AI helps to continuously refine and optimize experiences based on a constant loop of feedback and performance.
  • Ensure data privacy protections and be forthright with your sales force and consumers building trust for compliance and regulations.

Trend 2: Micro-communities with a global reach: Large, impersonal networks are giving way to smaller, focused communities centered around shared interests and values. This is ideal for direct sellers who have broad networks of connections to their consumers and their downlines. Imagine a network of like-minded individuals from diverse cultures, synergistically supporting each other’s growth. Building a community that is dedicated to improving quality of life and companies that care about sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Trend 3: LIVE stream events and commerce:  More consumers are looking for interactive and engaging ways to discover and purchase products.  Brands, direct sellers, and influencers use live video streams to showcase products, engage the audience in real time, share sentiments, and conduct demonstrations.  In addition, thousands of companies are offering affiliate rewards incentivizing consumers to share their experiences with your products on social media.  This consumer content is genuine and can be more convincing than traditional advertising.

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Start integrating social live-streaming commerce into your business with the following steps

  • Choose the right platforms. For direct selling businesses, this is imperative offering a simple extension to existing digital business tools provided to the sales force making it easy for them to adapt.  Consider platforms that have integrated AI or virtual reality for virtual try-ons (clothing, makeup, eyelash, etc.).  Beyond product demos, imagine AR-powered simulations where consumers virtually experience the impact of your offerings. This technology will bring products to life, boosting engagement, conversion rates, confidence, and driving purchase decisions.
  • Mobile first is key as most social media browsing and interaction is done on mobile devices. Ensure your social commerce interface is mobile-friendly and fully optimized for an on-the-go sales force and consumer base.
  • Live stream social commerce content must be interactive with the ability to ask hosts or demonstrators real-time questions with a simple streamlined cart checkout.
  • As products are highlighted and demonstrated, offer exclusive event-specific deals and coupons.
  • Content longevity. Engage a platform that can store shows to prolong content life so consumers can watch and place orders from past shows.
  • Support and service. Find a platform partner who will provide support and service to address any issues or inquiries promptly.

Trend 4: Subscriptions: Old School is now cool. Businesses thrive on predictability and recurring revenue.  Offering a flexible and dynamic subscription program helps develop greater consumer retention as businesses align closely with evolving consumer preferences.  Direct selling pioneered the concept of “autoship” over forty years ago driven by consumer convenience and consistent delivery schedules while creating a steady stream of product sales as sales representatives build organizational teams and their business.

Today, most online marketplaces and merchants offer some sort of subscription program that gives consumers incentives like additional discounts for cost savings.

Start integrating a subscription program into your e-commerce business with the following steps:

  • Let consumers personalize and customize their subscriptions by having flexible delivery schedules catering to each consumer’s preferences.
  • Offer consumers and sales representatives alternative payment methods (APMs) for convenience and flexibility.
  • Institute a “subscription pause” capability as an alternative to outright cancellations. At times people need a break from monthly payments or product deliveries.
  • Economic uncertainty has made consumers exceptionally price-sensitive and incorporating sophisticated AI-optimized churn management offers a significant competitive advantage in consumer retention.
  • Offer consumers rewards for subscribing and an opportunity to earn loyalty points, better pricing and product specials by simply socially sharing the products they use.

Trend 5: Sustainable commerce.  With growing consumer awareness about environmental issues, sustainability is becoming a significant consideration for consumer purchasing decisions.  Some key practices include eco-friendly products, sustainable packaging, efficient logistics, ethical sourcing and carbon footprint reduction.  A high percentage of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that care about the environment.

Thriving in the Future Landscape: Your Toolkit for Success

These predictions merely skim the surface of what’s to come. The future of network marketing is brimming with possibilities, driven by cutting-edge software advancements. To thrive in this exciting new landscape, direct sellers must be willing to adapt and embrace these advancements. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Focus on Building Genuine Relationships: Technology can’t replace the human touch. Building trust and authentic connections with your network will remain crucial for success. Cultivate genuine empathy, active listening skills, and the ability to build meaningful connections with your network.
  • Embrace Continuous Learning: Stay updated on the latest software tools and trends. Invest in learning new skills, attend industry events, and network with innovative pioneers to leverage these technologies effectively.
  • Choose Ethical and Transparent Companies: Align yourself with partners who are committed to ethical practices and leveraging technology for good.

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By embracing these principles and harnessing the power of innovative software, sales representatives and companies can not only navigate the future but actively shape it. The time is ripe to write a new chapter in the industry’s story, one characterized by ethical practices, transparency, and the transformative power of human connection enhanced by cutting-edge technology.

Greg FinkWritten by Greg Fink. Bringing over two decades of expertise to the direct sales arena, Greg Fink is a seasoned professional with experience in business development, marketing, and management working in technology, digital sales tools, compliance, and global payments. Currently serving as the Global Sales VP at Jenkon Software, Greg is dedicated to driving innovation and empowering direct sellers to thrive in the dynamic and changing landscape of network marketing.

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At Jenkon, we know you are building a winning direct sales company. What you need is a software partner with the core values to support your growth strategies seamlessly. Integrity. Collaboration. Passion. Reliability. Trust.

At Jenkon, we know you are building a winning direct sales company. What you need is a software partner with the core values to support your growth strategies seamlessly. Integrity. Collaboration. Passion. Reliability. Trust.

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