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Connect your vision to the most globally trusted, and innovative software partner in Direct Selling...

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The Proven Choice for World Leaders in Direct Sales for more than 40 Years

Time to accelerate? From Start-up to Enterprise, converge with decades of cutting-edge solutions to empower your salesforce through omni-channel e-commerce, social marketing, and multinational expansion.

Jenkon®’s customers include many of the largest direct sellers in the world. All of these industry giants came to Jenkon after trying other solutions from within the direct-selling market, vendors from outside the industry, as well as efforts to internally develop the solutions.

Awards and Recognition

Jenkon® is the ONLY software provider recognized by Direct Selling Associations on multiple continents for our world-leading support and customer solutions.
Seldia Provider of the Year
US  DSA Partner of the Year

We're practically local, wherever you are.

Today, Jenkon® delivers our award-winning, 24x7 support to our world-wide network of customers from locations across multiple continents.
Barcelona, Spain
Birmingham, AL, USA
Cancun, Mexico
Metro Portland, OR, USA

For Large Enterprises

Jenkon® solutions are proven by multi-billion dollar direct selling companies in all corners of the world. Their sales organizations number in the millions, and their retail customers are even greater.
Software systems at this scale are unique in the functional requirements and architectural structure. Jenkon® is unmatched by anyone in the world in successfully delivering these high-volume solutions requiring the unparalleled flexibility for global direct selling. Our cloud-architecture is modular so that the large direct seller can choose the specific system capabilities that fit within a ‘best-in-class’ strategy and multi-vendor environments. The API Suite, Web Services and data-accessibility tools allow IT departments to internally extend the Jenkon platform in ways that best suits their business needs.
  •   Compensation & Simulations
  •   Sales Organization Management
  •   Contests & Recognition
  •   Mobile Business & Social Selling
  •   Retail Customers & Omni-Channel
  •   E-Commerce & Product Promotion
  •   Multi-National Expansion
  •   Business Analytics & Data Access
  •   Party Plan Mgt, Hostess Portal & Virtual Parties
  •   IT Autonomy, APIs & Technology

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For New & Emerging Companies

Four decades of experience have resulted in solutions that require minimal modifications and stream-lined implementations for getting you up and running quickly. These turn-key systems, while not the least expensive start-up solutions, are predicated on the stability, robustness and reliability of Jenkon platforms supporting billion-dollar enterprises.
Hosting: Jenkon® runs your mission-critical system on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, the largest, most reliable and secured cloud-infrastructures in the world. In today’s market, you cannot entrust your mission-critical software system and data to ‘co-location’ racks rented by small, direct selling software vendors. Your business must run on public-cloud infrastructures, managed by the largest technology companies in the world.
  •   Corporate Portal
  •   Rep Business Portal
  •   Personal Web Sites
  •   Party Plan, Hostess Portal & Virtual Parties
  •   Network Marketing
  •   Social Selling
  •   Turn-Key & Hybrid Solutions
  •   Azure & AWS Hosting Services
  •   Pay-As-You-Go or One-Time Licensing
  •   Open Platform

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Professional Services

Jenkon’s award-winning professional services allow you to tailor the relationship and the solutions that best meet your unique needs. Just as important, Jenkon adapts our services with the evolution of your business and changing needs. We feel that you should always be in charge of your mission-critical, vendor relationships.
Maintaining Your Internal Control. Many of our large, multi-national clients span the spectrum of relationship models with Jenkon. Some customers have complete autonomy and internal control of their systems, application development, and infrastructure. These clients leverage the robust API Suite, cloud-architecture and development toolkit to support their objectives.

Hybrid & Turn-Key Solutions. Other customers choose to rely heavily on Jenkon’s industry-specific expertise for the custom development of their unique business requirements. Many times, larger customers will want to maintain internal development resources, while also utilizing Jenkon’s professional services. They find this model allows them to maintain a balance of resources, provides support redundancy for critical systems, and delivers the fastest ‘go-to-market’ implementation.

Start-Up Operations & New Markets Launch. ‘Speed-to-market’ and ‘cost-control’ are always the mandate for these project profiles. Specialized professional services and launch-models have been honed to meet the very unique demands of these projects. Speak with one of our ‘Launch Specialists’ on how quickly you can be up-and-running on the most robust solution in the world for your direct-selling enterprise.

  • Tailored Solutions & Software Modifications
  • Award-Winning 24x7x365 Global Support
  • System Integrations via Open-API Platform
  • Custom Dashboarding & Reporting Analytics
  • Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS Managed Hosting Services
  • Business & Systems Analysis
  • Automated & Regression System Testing
  • Architectural & Cloud Strategy Consulting
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Consulting
  • Technical Training
    • API Suite
    • Data Access & Reporting Schemas
    • Application Toolkit
    • Application Configurations
    • Cloud Configuration & Application Deployment
  • Comprehensive User Training
    • Web Conferencing
    • On-Demand Video Library
    • On-Site Training
    • Train-Your-Trainers

Contact & Careers

Jenkon Global Offices

We'd love to answer any questions you might have about the software or schedule a fit analysis to see how Jenkon can best help with your company's specific needs.
Vancouver office photo
Metro Portland
915 Broadway St
Suite 111
Vancouver, WA 98660, USA
+1 360 256 4400
US - West Coast
Birmingham office photo
Birmingham, AL
3800 Colonnade Pkwy
Suite 150
Birmingham, AL 35243, USA
+1 360 256 4400
US - East Coast
Cancún office photo
Cancún, Q.R.
SM 6 MZ 1 LT 1 Piso 5
C.P 77500 Cancún, Quintana RooQ.R.
+1 360 256 4400
Latin America

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