Many startup entrepreneurs are too quick to overlook the direct sales model. After all, isn’t direct sales about in-home parties, pink Cadillacs, and casual hobbyists? This flawed thinking often prevents inventive leaders from gaining traction with their “Big Idea.”

“Trusted global software provider, Jenkon, announces an expansion to their line-up of technology solutions for direct selling worldwide.”

The Internet of Things

by: Robert Cavitt, jenkon CEO

“And just like any company that blissfully ignored the Internet at the turn of the century, the ones who dismiss the Internet of Things risk getting left behind.”   -Jared Newman

Meet JoT™ - The Jenkon of Things

press release

Celebrating an unparalleled 5th decade of innovation, Jenkon proudly announces a software platform harnessing the power of connectivity in a radically changing world.

Shifting Direct Sellings Reputation


“We, as the direct selling community, are stepping up and should continue to be present compliantly with unbridled optimism.”   —Meredith Berkich, CGO

Jenkon 2020 Case Study


Top Direct Seller experiences 3x growth in 2020 with Jenkon’s Virtual Event Module & Mobile Commerce Platform

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