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Our Story

An Entrepreneurial Heritage In 1982 Jenkon pioneered the first network marketing genealogy and commission engine which laid the foundation for thousands of companies to grow without limits. Within a short time Jenkon evolved to deliver a full-service platform providing award-winning, 24x7X365 support to a worldwide network of loyal customers.

A New Introduction Advancing into an unparalleled 5th decade of innovation and expansion, Jenkon is announcing a full-service platform harnessing the power of progression and connectivity for startups and emerging successes. With JoT™, The Jenkon of Things, even the newest venture can access the fully baked-in functionality Jenkon’s billion-dollar clients utilize in a streamlined, cost effective package.
A Connected Future Over the past 40+ years we’ve seen that direct sellers who fall into complacency are at a definite disadvantage when trying to stay ahead of the competition. At Jenkon, our engineers impart responsible innovation by staying connected to market trends and customer insights. As a valued thought-partner, we keep a clear vision of what our clients need to holistically build and scale. Collaboratively working together, insights are converted into development projects to help our clients drive growth and stay ahead of the curve. Our team grounds their innovation in technological advancements, and positions Jenkon not to just respond to customer requests and requirements, but to design, build, and roll-out iterations in anticipation and connection with what’s next…


For over four decades Jenkon® has been globally unmatched in delivering rock-solid, innovative digital solutions to empower direct selling companies - their salesforce, affiliates, and omni-channel customers. We understand the various stakeholders’ requirements and have the real-time data intelligence to help you make better, well-informed decisions to inspire them to take action.

Our Personal Websites connect a complete e-commerce experience with customers, and are the virtual, individualized storefronts of your entire sales force. Multi-language and multi-currency ready, every transaction provides real-time insights and data which is available for immediate analysis in the jPulse reporting engine. In the true cloud environment, shoppers won’t encounter latency issues – even during the busiest of sales cycles. Virtual Event & Party management module, plus intuitive recruiting features are at your disposal!
Distributor and customer rewards come in all shapes and sizes. For decades our clients have been rewarding people in multiple countries, currencies, and languages – seamlessly. From Party Plan to Network Marketing, our cloud-architecture is modular so businesses can choose the specific system capabilities that fit within omni-channel environments. Another Jenkon Jewel: Our unparalleled modeling platform gives you the flexibility to run incentive designs and plan modifications against your historical data to measure the impact BEFORE going live.
AI & BI Data
Business intelligence lies at the heart of all formal reporting for both the corporate management and sales organization. Jenkon utilizes one of the most powerful reporting platforms in the world to visualize and analyze your data. Discover deep insights and simplify access so you can make timely, educated decisions impacting business outcomes and efficiencies.  Artificial Intelligence and Bot technologies are in place to mine and present the most meaningful, real-time information at high-impact moments; optimize resources and inspire innovation in every area of your organization!
Jenkon solutions are built to inspire the behavior of salespeople, retail customers and event hosts in the way to which you intend. So, data activity reads system rules and configurations to generate communications, recognition, compensation and reporting in the most compelling ways identified by you. Most importantly, the system generates that ‘call to action’ at exactly the most meaningful moment in time.
Create the direct selling platform that you’ve always envisioned. Jenkon systems are built to allow you internal control for building your own integrations, apps, user interfaces, site branding, compensation plans, reports, order promotions, and so much more. Our API Library, web services, and Open Authentication (2.0) allow you immense flexibility to extend Jenkon solutions in directions not ever imagined before!
Virtual events
Creating a digitized event experience is a must have in keeping up with online retail competition and the next generation of direct sellers. The Jenkon virtual event module was well ahead of its time when it launched a few years ago. It connects users from beginning to end – the list, invitation, promotion, mobile sales, and report generation to keep field and corporate leaders’ fingers on the pulse of virtual shoppers and hosts.
Omni Device
Jenkon mobile responsive solutions allows representatives to run their business anytime, from anywhere their life takes them. The architecture takes full-advantage of today’s largest, most-robust and secure IT infrastructures (Microsoft Azure & AWS). Our applications can run in a true cloud database environment, offering you complete PaaS (platform-as-a-service) efficiency and scalability, not just an IaaS port of our solution to a private cloud or co-location facility.
Direct selling companies succeed on their ability to bring together and inspire groups of people with a common vision. The ability of technology to connect sales teams with their leaders and educators, both field and corporate, is the magic that harnesses the power of relationships. The Resource Center provides the platform to unite sales organizations through audio and video learning opportunities and cause-driven marketing.
Omni-Channel Business & Retail
User Experience (UX) design always comes first at Jenkon! Our ecommerce platform was created knowing an online retail community is built one order at a time. As a result of today’s online retail migration, the salesforce and customers now insist on an intuitive, personalized, and fluid experience to keep them sharing and coming back. Our solutions are always mobile responsive; optimized for sharing data across the JoT™ integrated platform.

How We do it

From the Discover Session – to Proposal phase – to GoLive in 60; you will experience Jenkon’s core values in the fully transparent and honest assessments of time, costs, and functionality of our software implementation and maintenance. Consider the Jenkon environment a “gotcha-free” zone!
We begin our collaborative relationships with the 1st conversation where we’ll spend 70% of the time listening and assimilating your vision. Understanding the specific requirements of your business allows us to exceed your expectations. High performance. On-time. Under budget. The Jenkon way…
Implementing or migrating to a new software platform can be overwhelming. With a plethora of successful launches conducted globally, our experienced teams provide a level of strategic planning and analysis that will give you the confidence, stability, and knowledge you need to enjoy the journey.

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Our Leadership

Get to know us
FROM OUR CEO – Robert Cavitt

Every success we have enjoyed here at Jenkon over the past four decades reflects the trust and confidence thousands of direct selling companies have placed in the Jenkon technology and team. We are proud, yes, but equally humbled and dedicated to earning that trust each and every day. This is why we invest vast resources in attracting the most gifted, most diverse talent in the industry to join us in serving you – because our team is your team.

When adding new members, we look for ethical, open and respectful people. Individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives. And we honor passion for quality, innovation and out of the box creativity. This is what you’ll experience as a Jenkon client when you entrust us with your journey to empower home-based and micro-entrepreneurs around the world in accomplishing their dreams.

About Robert Cavitt

Robert’s career in direct selling software technologies spans more than three decades. He has been the CEO of Jenkon Software for 20+ years, and serves as its Chairman of the Board.  Robert serves as a Director for the Direct Selling Education Foundation, the world’s largest non-profit organization educating the global marketplace on direct selling’s empowerment of individuals, communities philanthropy, and strengthening of economies worldwide. Robert has also served multiple terms on the Board of the US Direct Selling Association. His technical vision for the industry drove Jenkon to deliver the first internet-based field tools, applications, and cloud-based platforms supporting direct sales in over 70 countries around the world. His innovation leadership has resulted in Jenkon becoming the industry’s only solutions provider to be honored with, both, Seldia’s Astra Award in Europe and the United States DSA Partner of the Year Award.

Our business development executives have almost 100 years of combined direct selling experience in network marketing and party plan – both on the field and corporate sides of the business. Heavily involved in with the DSA’s around the world, they know what’s working (and what’s not) in today’s every-changing environment. Their cutting-edge work is what keeps our billion-dollar clients engaged!
Software engineers are veteran professionals who apply their industry knowledge of technology and direct selling to create a synergistic experience with the people on your team who design game-changing systems and programs to drive growth. Always exploring and innovating, companies at every stage benefit from their business intelligence.
User experience developers concentrate on the interaction between customers and the products and services you offer. At Jenkon, it’s their role to advocate for your sales force by constantly looking for ways to keep bridge the gap between the user and key stakeholders. Born problem-solvers, you’ll find our team are excellent thought partners to identify solutions and continuous improvement.
Quality Engineers at Jenkon aren’t only involved with writing, designing and controlling source code. They are the people who manage the configuration processes and integrations to ensure your system is delivering what is needed to successfully run your business. Your teams are devoting their highest and best to fulfill the corporate vision, so technology is never a distraction to progress.
Product Owners are your key stakeholder in the Jenkon office once you go live – making sure your priorities are carried out through intelligent prioritization of the feature set. Assigned PO’s will know your business, the market you’re competing in, aware of what future systems are trending and being developed. They’ll support your team on an ongoing basis – with as little or as much involvement you desire.
Scrum Masters at Jenkon are a lot like conductors at the local orchestra. They work be behind the scenes to make sure the people supporting you have everything they need to be laser focused on your project with minimal distractions. Our longest serving SM recently celebrated her 30th year here – the longevity of our team members is reflected in the loyalty of our customers, and the culture that keeps them.
Customer Support Specialists are available in multiple languages to support your teams around the clock. They are available to address your customer issues and are empowered to resolve them – quickly and effectively. You deserve a smooth and optimal experience, and to receive swift action to be taken if necessary. This requires sharp people with a servant’s heart, and they are here!

Award winning Software

Jenkon is the first technology company to EVER win the US DSA’s Partner Award and the ONLY technology provider to ever win Europe’s Seldia Supplier of the Year Award.

Trusted Partner

Jenkon has been partnering with Direct Selling Companies for over 40 years. Our Success is due to three (3) Primary Reasons:
  • We consistently lead in innovation.
  • We deliver excellence in our service and support
  • We maintain long-term partnerships with our Clients.
Global Trade Associations have recognized Jenkon for these specific Qualities.
  • Jenkon is the 1st technology company ever to earn the US-DSA Partner Award
  • Jenkon is the ONLY tech provider to win Europe’s Seldia Supplier of the Year
NOTE: Seldia represents over 25 of the Largest National Associations in the continent
US DSA Partner of the Year
Seldia Provider of the Year

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Direct Selling Associations

Jenkon is the proud Platinum supporter of numerous Direct Selling Associations in multiple continents. We strongly advocate the compliant business practices promoted by the trade groups who protect, serve, and secure the direct selling industry.

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We’re always on the lookout for passionate people and the brightest minds to add to our family. If you’re interested in joining a team of global innovators, take a look and see what inspires you!

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