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Many startup entrepreneurs are too quick to overlook the direct sales model. After all, isn’t direct sales about in-home parties, pink Cadillacs, and casual hobbyists? This flawed thinking often prevents inventive leaders from gaining traction with their “Big Idea.”

Read more: Trusted global software provider, Jenkon, announces an expansion to their line-up of technology solutions for direct selling worldwide.

Trusted global software provider, Jenkon, announces an expansion to their line-up of technology solutions for direct selling worldwide.

Leveraging its 40+ years developing enterprise software solutions, the company is making it’s market-leading innovation available to start-ups and emerging trailblazers with JoT™, the Jenkon of Things.

Celebrating an unparalleled 5th decade of innovation, Robert Cavitt, CEO of Jenkon, circulated ‘the future of enterprise business is predicated on all software platforms continuously communicating and sharing information in real-time with all related systems, devices, and technologies. The essence of human nature and evolution has always been communication and connection. It is only natural that the newest revolution in digital processing will ensure this premise applies to everything impacting the human experience. The Internet of Things, or the IoT phenomenon, establishes that virtually all physical objects, devices, and systems will remain connected and constantly communicating via the internet.’

Cavitt continued, ‘Jenkon has been a world leader for over four decades in providing software solutions to empower micro-entrepreneurs and home-based busines opportunities. Today, we are unveiling an evolutionary, new software platform predicated on the IoT principle  everything that can be connected, will be connected. JoT delivers industry-leading sales tools and reliability on a state-of-the-art cloud platform, empowering direct sellers to  easily communicate with their preferred digital, social, mobile, or app technology. JoT modularity allows direct sellers to utilize the features best suited for their business. Just as important, JoT is extensible  with open APIs, web services, and a development toolkit allowing customers to internally evolve and innovate on the platform, without requiring the use of 3rd-part vendors.’

While the platform is already proven in billion-dollar enterprises, Jenkon is making available a stream-lined, cost effective version for start-ups and emerging trailblazers. Cavitt cited ‘Our vision is to make Jenkon reliability and strength available to the next generation of market leaders – much earlier in their business evolution than before. JoT delivers the flexibility and innovation critical for success in an ever-changing future.’

Jenkon is the world leader in providing software systems to global direct selling companies, their sale representatives, micro entrepreneurs, and retail customers. Jenkon has successfully delivered thousands of worldwide deployments, creating a multitude of decades-long, loyal clients. Visit today and set up a free discovery session.

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