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A New Introduction Advancing into an unparalleled 5th decade of innovation and expansion, Jenkon introduces a full-service, cloud-platform harnessing the power of progression and connectivity for startups and emerging successes. With JoT™, The Jenkon of Things, even the newest venture can access the fully baked-in functionality Jenkon’s billion-dollar clients utilize in a streamlined, cost-effective package.

Choosing the optimal direct selling software partner is one of the most impactful decisions you will make when getting started. It is critical to do your due diligence and begin with the end in mind, asking yourself: who do you want your company to be when it grows up and what technology partner do you need to get there? This is where an experienced and reliable partner comes into play – so you can focus on getting the business off the ground with full transparency into every area of your emerging venture.

JoT™ establishes the foundation for fast and sustainable growth, turning your vision into reality with results you can see and measure. Accessing the fully baked-in functionality created for billion-dollar enterprises, your new venture will have the solutions it needs to fulfill its highest potential without the development time and costs involved in creating functionality from scratch. Entering into an unprecedented 5th decade of serving the direct selling community, you can be confident Jenkon is the trusted innovator you will never outgrow.


Corporate Portal

  Corporate Administration Center for the Entire JoT™ Business Suite
  Use System to promote Distributor Behavior & Corporate Initiatives
  Sophisticated BI Reporting and AI Driven Just-In Time Communications
  Modeling Environments for Commissions & Promotions
  Powerful Customer Service & Member Sales Tools

Salesforce Business Portal

  Online Distributor Tools Designed for Coaching & Growth
  Multiple Shopping Carts & Unlimited Product Promotions
  Genealogy Views, Dashboards, & Powerful Downline Management
  Virtual Event Module for In-Person and Online Events & Parties
  Social Media & Communication Platforms for Today’s Conversations

Personal Websites

  Mobile Responsive – Multi Country, Currency, and Language
  Personalized Distributor Online Shopping Experience
  Vast Company Controls over Company Brand w/Unlimited Themes
  Retail Sales, Customer Rewards & Loyalty Programs
  Event Host Portal for both In-Person and Virtual Events/Parties

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