The JoT®Ecosystem has everything your stakeholders need to be successful. Each product in the JoT Platform is powerful on its own, and even more dominant when used together.

Sales Tools & Social Marketing for Direct Sales Growth

Easy-to-Use Tools, Designed to Streamline Onboarding, Engagement & Sales Acceleration

Popular Features

Lead Generation Tools

Social Sharing Tools & Library

Livestream Shopping

Online Event & Party

Digital Wallet & Rewards

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Empower & Scale Your Global Compensation, Incentives & Expansion

Enhance Sales Performance with
Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual, and
Multi-National Solutions

Popular Features

No Code Plan Designer

Advanced Data Visualization

Data-Drive Decisions

Seamless Integrations

Internal Control & Transparency

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All-in-One Commerce Platform - Consumers, Affiliates, Sellers & Influencers

Create a Commerce Ecosystem Developing Brand Relationships on Multiple Levels

Popular Features

Enhanced Customer Experience

Sales and Conversion Rates

Data Collection and Analytics

Streamlined Operations

Inventory Management

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Master Group Sales: Powerful Event & Party Management Tools All-in-One Place

Streamline Your In-person, Virtual and Livestream Shopping Event

Popular Features

Effortless Event Setup

Virtual or In-Person Flexibility

Comprehensive Order Capture

Real-Time Insights

User-Friendly Checkout

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Startups & Emerging Ventures THRIVE on Jenkon

Launch Right The FIRST Time On A Proven Software Platform Built To Scale…

Popular Features

Innovative Solutions

Strategic Partnership

Scalability Without Compromise

Cost-Effective Solutions

Proven Track Record

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Affiliate Management, Social Marketing Ecosystem & Rewards Software

Build Social Sharing Programs, Automate Rewards, and Drive Deeper Engagement

Popular Features

All-in-One Social Ecosystem

Reward Every Interaction

Data-Driven Success

Flexible Rewards & Integrations

Scale for the Future

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JoTLive™️ Livestream Selling

Create Livestream Corporate & Seller Shopping Events Fostering a Sense of Community Delivering Immediate, Interactive Real-Time Purchasing

Popular Features

JoTLive Livestream Selling
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