Jenkon CEO, Robert Cavitt to be Featured Presenter at Seldia’s 2022 European Direct Selling Conference



Jenkon CEO, Robert Cavitt to be Featured Presenter at Seldia’s 2022 European Direct Selling Conference

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Jenkon CEO, Robert Cavitt has partnered with the 2022 European Direct Selling Conference as a Platinum Partner. The conference is taking place from May 10-11, 2022 in historic Brussels, Belgium – home to NATO HQ. Robert will be one of the global industry leaders featured at the 8th annual conference organized by Seldia – the European Direct Selling Association.


With a career in direct selling software technologies spanning more than 3 decades, Robert has been the CEO of Jenkon Software for more than twenty years and serves as its Chairman of the Board.  


Robert serves on the Board of the Direct Selling Education Foundation, the world’s largest non-profit organization educating the global marketplace on direct selling’s empowerment of individuals, community philanthropy, and worldwide economies. Robert has also served multiple terms on the Board of the US Direct Selling Association.


His technical leadership drove Jenkon to deliver the industry’s first internet-based field tools, apps, and cloud-based platforms supporting direct sales in over 70 countries around the world. His innovation initiatives have resulted in Jenkon becoming the industry’s only solutions provider to be honored with, both, Seldia’s Astra Award in Europe and the United States DSA Partner of the Year Award.


Robert Cavitt, will be conducting a workshop about The New Consumer Experience (CX) in Digital Shopping; ‘Either your shopping experience works as well as my favorite online store, or I’m buying someplace else!’. This session will focus on leading trends, and what’s next, in the fast-changing world of digital commerce.


The full programme is available on Registration for online participation will be possible up until the event begins. The fee for online participation is 70€ for Seldia member companies, and 90€ for non-members. Learn more about how to capitalize on the bustling DS European market here!