JOT Press Release

Jenkon reveals streamlined software platform for next generation of Start-Up & Trailblazing Direct Selling Companies.


Full-featured portals for corporate, entrepreneur, and omni-channel marketing, empowers users with freedom, business intelligence, real-time data, and timely communications to drive peak performance. Jenkon’s new release: JoT™, the Jenkon of Things, is the center of a robust technology platform and connects direct selling clients to the complete suite of Jenkon functionality in a simple, intuitive user experience.

Vancouver, Washington – Trusted global software provider, Jenkon, announced an expansion to their line-up of technology solutions for global direct selling. Leveraging their 40+ years in enterprise software technology, the company is now making its market-leading innovation available to both start-up and emerging trailblazers.

Robert Cavitt, CEO of Jenkon, cites that ‘the future of enterprise business technology is virtually all software communicating and sharing pertinent information across virtually all platforms and devices. The Internet of Things, or the IoT phenomenon, establishes that almost all physical objects, devices and systems will connect and communicate via the internet. The essence of human nature and evolution has always been communication and connection. It has only been a matter of time before the evolution of digital processing inherently became the same, and it has.’

Cavitt continues, ‘Jenkon has been a world leader for over four decades in providing automated software solutions which empower the micro-entrepreneurs and home-based business opportunities of direct selling. In January 2021, we are unveiling an evolutionary, new software platform predicated on the IoT principle that everything than can be connected will be connected. So, we are naturally and excitedly announcing the release of JoT™, the Jenkon of Things. JoT delivers our industry-leading sales tools and reliability on a cloud-based platform, allowing direct sellers to easily communicate with any other digital, social, mobile or app technology. JoT is also modular, allowing direct sellers to use only the features best suited for their business. Just as important, JoT’s web service and cloud architecture allows customers to internally control, develop and evolve our solution during radically changing market conditions.

While the platform is already proven in billion-dollar enterprises, Jenkon is also making available a stream-lined, less-expensive version for start-ups and emerging successes. Cavitt cites that ‘our vision is to make Jenkon reliability and strength available to the next generation of market leaders, much earlier in the business evolution. JoT delivers flexibility unparalleled in direct selling, and a critical requirement for success in the dynamic markets of the future.’

As new technologies continue to enter the market, JoT® connectivity will continue to evolve and transform client success. To have a discovery conversation or schedule a complimentary software demonstration, please visit